NON B savanaketh

NON B – teaching VISA Thailand (outside the country)

NON-immigrant B VISA Thailand (outside the country)

1. Letter of acceptance from employing institute or school in Thailand.
2. Letter from OBEC or Service Area (Ministry of Education) requesting the consulate to allow you to apply for a NON B visa. (sample)
2.1 The school must send a request letter to OBEC before they will give your recommendation letter. (Sample)
3. Letter from the school requesting that you will apply for NON B visa. (Sample) 
4. Copy of your personal documents such as TOR and Diploma.
5. School license OR business registration, list of shareholders and school profile.
6. School MAP (Other consulate needs this. You can print from Google map)
7. Directors ID with Signature. (Other consulate needs this.)
8. Police certificate verifying that the applicant has no criminal record or equivalents or letter issued by authorized agencies in the applicant’s country (example NBI clearance). This requirement is needed when applying for NON B VISA especially in Vientiane Laos.

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