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฿30 ฿25

Snail White Plus Soap, by  perfect skin lady❤️

🔷 10x Whitening Power
🔷 A combination of Snail Secretion and Glutathione
🔷 Reduces acne and wrinkles
🔷 Whitens Skin
🔷 Lightens dark spots

The mixture of Glutathione and Snail secretion and selected vitamins that will promote skin nourishing, whitening, reduce acne and dark spots, and whitens the skin.
You can see the result as you use it on a regular basis.



Snail White Whipp Soap is one of Thailand’s finest product. ORIGINAL from the manufacturer.

฿30 ฿25

The new Vitamin E and Glutha in 1 soap. Whitening your skin without drying it.

฿350 ฿250

Hypoallergenic lip tint and waterproof