NON O VISA (dependent)


  1. A request letter from the employer for your (see sample or other sample)
  2. Copy of the signatory’s ID or Passport
    If: Thai national – Copy of Thai government ID
    If: Foreigner – Copy of passport and valid Thai visa page, copy of work permit with validity
  3. Business Registration of the company in Thailand or School License
  4. Copy passport with Thai valid visa page and work permit with validity
  5. Marriage Certificate for a spouse or Birth Certificate for children or parents (Certified True Copy)
  6. Valid passport (at least 6 months) of the dependent
  7. (Two) 2 passport size or 2×2 size photos (white background)
  8. latest DBD (if under company)
  9. Airline ticket reservation (one way is acceptable) upon request.
  10. application form (see attached file)
  11. Supplementary form (if in The Philippines) (see attached file)
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